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·Heavy-weight assures a superior finish.

·Perfectly balanced design for easy and comfortable operation.

·Heavy-duty bronze worm gear for extra long-life.

·Over-built cast aluminum gearbox delivers the torque needed for

 panning as well as the high speeds needed for finishing.

·Spider assembly features in precision alignment, serviceability,  and

 resistance to application induced bending or wear.

·Gear box oil gauge for easy reading of oil level.

·Chrome plated height adjustable handle comfort and easy control for


·Lifting tube allows trowel to be transported on the job-site with only

 two people.

·Twist knob control ensures precise blade adjustment.

·Safety designed guard ring according to EU standard.

·Ergonomically designed belly-cushion comforts for operator's hip.

·Dead-man switch assures operator's safety and easy control.

·Stabilizer ring reduces blade chatter.

·Optional Blue blade is thicker than ordinary blades and, combined with

 its ability to flex slightly, performance is improved and blade life prolonged.

·Optional Plastic blade leaves no burnish marks on the floor.






 Working Size(mm)









Model   A   B   C
PMT36 Series   1890   970   900
PMT42 Series   2030   1160   1000
PMT46Series   2060   1220   1000








Model Weight kg Blade Speed rpm Rotor Dia.cm
PMT36H 81 117-167 91
PMT36R 83 117-167 91
PMT42H 104 117-167 106
PMT42R 100 117-167 106
PMT46H 107 117-167 117
PMT46R 103 117-167 117



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