PB20/20 & PB25/20

FeaturesPower on demand,even better fuel economy, reduces exhaust emissions.Oil level sight gauge.Tough steel cover,stronger protection.Wheels and folding handle,easy on site transport.Extra heavy dut

Hydraulic Breaker

Masterpac breakers are designed to accept higher than normal back pressure, they are well suited to operate from hydraulic take-off points on constructive equipment such as excavator, skid loaders and road rollers. Where necessary, oil flow and pressure compatibility can be achieved with a simple control valve device.

Masterpac Anti-VIB Breakers(PAV Series)

Always choose a Low Vibration Breaker to reduce operators exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration. Masterpac Anti-VIB breakers maintain performance while minimize vibration transmission.


  • Low vibration handle mechanism, reducing the risk of HAVS.

  • To suit different tools for all applications.

  • High blow energy and frequency gives high productivity.

  • Unique return blow action allows the operator to power the tool free.

  • Progressive starting “feathering” action allows the user to accurately place the tool and mark out before engaging full power.

  • Less expensive and more powerful than pneumatic tools.

  • Economical to operate and simple to maintain.

  • Masterpac breakers can be used safely with alternative power sources such as excavators, skid steer loaders and road rollers.

Blow rate bpmFlow L(Gal)/minPressure barWeight kg(lb)Steel size mm(in)
PB20/20 Standard Handle160020(4.4)98-13820(44)25x108(1.0x4.3)
PB25/20 Standard Handle140020(4.4)98-13825(55)32x160(1.3x6.3)
PAV20/20 Anti-VIB Handle160020(4.4)98-13827(59)25x108(1.0x4.3)
PAV25/20 Anti-VIB Handle140020(4.4)98-13832(70)32x160(1.3x6.3)

* We reserve the right to improve or withdraw the specification or product without prior notice.