Hydraulic Power Pack PHP9/20, the MASTERPAC® Portable Hydraulic Power Pack with Honda GX270 Engine is an efficient, portable hydraulic power source that can be coupled to conveyors, augers, lifts, hydraulic motors and a variety of other attachments and implements to save tractor time and reduce fuel costs.


Hydraulic Power Pack PHP9/20


  • Power on demand,even better fuel economy, reduces exhaust emissions.

  • Oil level sight gauge.

  • Tough steel cover,stronger protection.

  • Wheels and folding handle,easy on site transport.

  • Extra heavy duty steel sub frame,less damage from knocks and drops.

  • Available to shift the hydraulic oil flow on PHP13/3020.

PowerPower kw(hp)Flow L(Gal)/minPressure barWeight kg(lb)Length mm(in)Height mm(in)
Width mm(in)
PHP9/20Honda GX2706.6(9)20(4.4)13865(43)690(27)610(24)520(20)
PHP13/20Honda GX3909.6(13)20(4.4)13875(65)690(27)610(24)520(20)
PHP13/3020Honda GX3909.6(13)30(6.6)/20(4.4)13890(198)810(32)620(24.5)625(24.5)

* We reserve the right to improve or withdraw the specification or product without prior notice.