Masterpac's pendulum concrete vibrators are distinguished by high endurance and long lifetime thanks to high quality components that require rare maintenance. This allows to improve the quality of the walls and the operator’s overall efficiency.This pendulum vibrator is distinguished by high efficiency, making it suitable for working conditions requiring a large constructing area and high working efficiency, which allows for efficient compaction of concrete to a depth of 415mm.


MASTERPAC internal concrete vibrators PVP series using the pendulum principle, 3000rpm of the drive unit translates via the flexible shaft into 12,000 vibrations per minute in the poker head.


  • High frequency vibration allows the efficient compaction of low slump concrete mixes. Compaction improves the strength and finish of concrete by driving out entrapped air.

  • The low speed of both the vibrator and vibrator drive unit results in longer service life.

  • Quick change vibrator coupling for easy operation.

Usage tips & suggestions

  • Insert vibrator head into concrete at regular intervals and slowly withdraw after a short delay at the deepest point.

  • Distance between immersion points: approx. 10 times the diameter of the internal vibrator.

  • Select distance between immersion points so that the concrete areas that are affected by the vibration overlap.


Drive Unit

Engine TypeHonda GX160Robin EX17Lombardini 15LD225
Power kw(hp)4.0(5.5)4.2(5.7)3.5(4.8)
Weight kg(lb)21(46)21(46)34(75)

Casing & Poker head

Vibrator Head DiaxLength mm(in)32x340(1.3x13.4)38x375(1.5x14.7)45x395(1.7x15.5)50x415(1.9x16.3)
Vibrator Amplitude mm(in)1(0.039)1.2(0.047)1.25(0.049)1.3(0.051)
Frequenbcy vpm12000
Revolution of Flexible Shaf rpm3000
Flexible Hose length m(ft)Standard 6m(19.7ft),Available from 4m(13.1ft) to 8m(26.2ft)
Approx Weight kg(lb)11(24)12(26)13(29)16(35)